Well, the last year and a half has been quite a journey! We as a country, as well as the world have been battling the COVID-19 virus. It has hit all areas of life and most in the live theatre community have found it difficult to keep afloat. The NH mandates have changed continuously as well as our own. Here at Break A Leg Legally we have put on shows when we felt the working environment was safe.  We have no way of predicting what may happen next.

 So here are the dates we have booked for our shows this year so far, everyday hoping for a time when everyone may feel safe attending a live performance again. When we know more about the status of the virus and our plans to begin, we will announce the titles of the shows and more information for you. Thank you and Happy New Year!!

Spring Performance:  March 4-12

Summer Performance:  June 10-19

Spring Show cancelled
due to Covid concerns